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Monday Update 05/03/2018 Welcome.

Monday again already, my how time flies! So last 7 days I have been continuing to read my book by Will Coombe, just about to start chapter 9 and I have had my first experiment with adWords from Google which was interesting.

I bought a lifetime access to SE Ranking which has also been fun to play with as I explore the mysteries of SEO.

Did not get round to making any videos but am trying to get Chaperone working so that I can create some step by step guides on how to use the website, currently it will not behave for me so waiting for support to get back to me.

I’m also a member of Digital Marketing Lab and trying to make some progress with their how to videos but I need more hours in a day than 24!

Anyway back to the coal face, till next time, have a good week.

Monday Update 26/02/2018 Welcome.

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays! – Sorry showing my age there with the Boomtown Rats reference HA Boom Boom!

Hi all, sorry I have been so quiet but currently getting this website going is taking a lot longer than I predicted seeing as we have a staff consisting of me, myself and I.

So we decided to do some more work on the website and get 2 main features ready, the ability for landlords or letting agents to place adverts telling the UK what they have available in the way of accommodation and the ability for tenants to place adverts telling the UK what they need in the way of accommodation.

We have an accountant now so hopefully the urge to shoot myself in the head everytime I look at a spreadsheet will fade.

We also created an affiliate scheme.

So my next job is creating some help videos on each page which demonstrate how to use the website.

Then we have the joys of SEM, SEO and real world marketing to look forward to.

So we are planning to do Google AdWords marketing as soon as they actually ring me back(complaint already gone in).

Get some affiliates, the affiliate scheme is going on the live website today from the development website, but if you want a look here is the signup page:

We are looking at getting some SEO strategy advice as currently I have not got a clue, but slowly getting one from kindle books etc. This is the latest investment for example: 3 Months to No.1

So I think that is about it for today, I’ll try to remember to do a post each Monday from now on, but for now, have a great week everyone and over and out!

Launch Day 03/07/2017 Welcome.

Please note some features are still a work in progress but the site is developed and polished enough to release to the potential user base for FREE for up to 6 months.

What facilities are we launching with in version 1 of ?

All 3 types of user:

Home Providers(Landlords ETC.)
See FAQ: Home Provider, What is a “Home Provider”?

Home Seekers(Tenants)
See FAQ: Home Seeker, What is a “Home Seeker”?

Team-Ups(House/Flat mates looking for House/Flat mates)
See FAQ: Team Up, What is a “Team Up”?

Will be able to:

Search through Home Provider Offers.
See FAQ: Searching, Standard Search, How Do I Search?

See FAQ: Registration, How do I register on

See FAQ: Login, How do I login on

Reset Password.
See FAQ: Password, How do I reset my forgotten password on

All 3 types of user will also be able to use the support services & pages as listed below:

On every page “Rate/Review Page” & send “Feeback/Suggestion”

About Us

What’s New & Changelog

Our “See The Stats” page at

Help & Support including:
Website Manual
Status Page
FAQ & FAQ as a list.
Knowledge Base & Support Tickets & Live Chat By Kayako
Useful Links

Messaging(Requires login)

Forums(Requires login)

Edit Profile, Upgrade Account to level 2(FREE during launch period) & Earn Rewards(Requires login)
See FAQ:

Home Providers ONLY will be able to:

Offer A Home(Requires login) See samples.
See FAQ:

Buy Extra Images & Video Links(FREE during launch period)(Requires login)
See FAQ:

Buy Normal & Strong Ads(FREE during launch period)(Requires login)
See FAQ:

Manage Ads including Edit A Home(Requires login)
See FAQ:

Rate/Review Page

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