Registration, How do I register on

Question: Registration, How do I register on
Answer: First open a new browser tab and copy paste the web address below into the new tab.

You should get the page with the following grey box on.

You need to fill in the following details or you will get an error.

First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile no & Post Code are all simple controls where you just type in a value.

Pick either Male or Female( is adding other options soon for non-binary individuals or prefer not to say).

Pick either Home Seeker, Home Provider or Team Up.

Home Seeker is a prospective tenant looking for somewhere to live.

Home Provider is a landlord or agent that wishes to find a tenant.

Team Up is a person who needs to find one or more co-tenants to live with.

Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Click Google reCaptcha and complete.

Password is slightly more complicated, type a character such as “1” into password and you will get the following pop-up control.

Click “Generate Password” and you will get similar to the following.

Select the password and ctrl c copy and then paste it into notepad or make a paper note and keep it safe.

Click “Fill” and the password will be filled into both the password box and the confirm password box.

Country is another slightly more complicated control, start typing the first few letters of your country and you will get a list similar to below.

Then simply click on your country.

City again is a slightly more complicated control after filling you country start typing the first few letters of your city and you should see similar to the below.

Then simply click on your city.

Date of Birth is a more complicated control, when you click in the box you will get a calendar control and if the system detects you are under 18 you will need to confirm the following.

So complete the form similar to the below.

After completing the form, click “SIGN UP” and you will get the following message and then the web page will go to the login form automatically.

“You have successfully registered with – please check your email to complete email address verification before first login.”

Next check your Email for a message similar to the below.

Click on “ActivationLink” which will take you to and you will see a short message as below.


Thank you for completing your e-mail address verification, you are now able to login.”

You should also get a confirmation Email similar to below.

You can now login to, see FAQ Login, How do I login to

If you ever forget your password, see FAQ Password, How do I reset my forgotten password on

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