Homes are in demand, treat finding a home like finding a job

Statement: Homes are in demand, treat finding a home like finding a job.

Explanation: Estimates put the need for additional housing in England at between 232,000 to 300,000 new units per year, a level not reached since the late 1970s and two to three times current supply. See:

The founder of has family who have been builders and landlords for 70+ years, so when calling on that experience when designing – here is their advice to “Home Seekers(prospective tenants)”.

1) Because there are more people looking for homes than homes available, the home providers can pick and choose who they rent to, so renting is a competitive market, like the employment market.

2) So prospective tenants should treat finding a home like finding a job, dress smart in pictures and when meeting landlords or agents, have references from previous tenancies available or character references from professional people – if your friends with a police officer for example – a reference from that type of person is ideal.

The Landlord Law Blog has quite a good slideshow which you can refer to – Ten tips for landlords on choosing tenants.

This is money also has quite a good article – How to avoid tenants from hell: The 14 questions every landlord should ask

Finally this Daily Mail article explains why landlords/agents can sometimes be so careful

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