Anonymity, Why is anonymous to start with?

Question: Anonymity, Why is anonymous to start with?
Answer: A few reasons, one when researching websites similar to I heard a lot of reports of people(especially young attractive females) being propositioned, so I decided to make anonymous to start with.

Two, people of a certain age will remember the case of “Suzy Lamplugh” see wikipedia for full details:

So I decided I would try to make as safe a space as possible for the user base.

Three, both landlords/agents and tenants need to be careful when approaching the stage of the deal when handing over money, read this for an example of what can go wrong:

Finally a lot of websites similar to list the agent etc, I feel a property should stand on its own merits not on the merits of a brand name and this also gives the smaller less well known landlord or agent a fair shot at the market.

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